Livia Liyanto

Mother & Wife | Serial Entrepreneur | International Best Selling Author | International Speaker | Business Mentor & Coach | Business Strategist | International Award Winner as “Iconic Woman”


Livia Liyanto

About Livia Liyanto

Shy by nature, Livia has cultivated her personality and her presence gradually over time, growing slowly into the international speaker that she is today. She has set a mission for herself: to inspire the people around her to discover their own voice. For a long time, she would hardly speak, never opening her mouth during the seminars and workshops that she attended. Today, however, all of that has changed. It did not come easy, but in her view, it was worth all the effort.
There are no familiar words that can accurately describe a Livia Liyanto performance. Most of all, Livia Liyanto is a powerhouse who not only enthralls, and enlightens hundreds of rapt audience members, but who inspires them to remain long after his performance has concluded to become potential revenue-generators for her clients.
A mother, entrepreneur, author, educator, mentor, coach, and international speaker, Livia is living a life more incredible than she could have ever dreamt for herself. She has met and worked with high-profile figures as John Travolta, Steve Wozniak (The man behind Steve Jobs), Robert Kiyosaki, Dr. Nido Qubein, Hugh Hilton, Jason Flom, Vanilla Ice, 50 cents, Frederik Eklund and George Ross (ex President Trump right hand), and she loves every day of her life.
You can make your dreams come true just as she has.




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