(This is a full English-Speaking Event)

Hoofddorp/Amsterdam, 14 September 2018

12.30 - 16.30


*You only need to contribute for drinks for 10 Euro excl. VAT and show your commitment to come.

Discover How To Explode Your Sales and Profits


Finally learn business and cash flow strategies that are proven to generate growth in record time. You will receive the fastest and most effective training to increase your sales and profits in the shortest amount of time possible.

Through Livia Liyanto's direction, training, and support, many people have grown their business rapidly. Now, it’s your turn.

Who Should Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs who want more clients and more sales.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to save themselves 5-10 years of learning curve.

  • Local entrepreneurs who want to be recognized internationally.

  • Entrepreneurs who don't have 400.000 Euro + to spend on their education (as what I've spent so far for my education).

  • You want to start a business or just starting a business and you don't want to spend too much money and time for the trials and errors.

  • Busy entrepreneurs who want to have more time with their family and friends, while earning more.

LIVIA LIYANTO has changed many people's lives around the world through her proven MOMS system

Livia Liyanto

Every Entrepreneurs need "MOMS" to succeed !

M -- Mindset

O -- Organization

M -- Marketing & Branding

S -- Sales Guaranteed, otherwise I don't get paid


By ...

DISCOVER your blocks and know what to do next.

DIFFERENTIATE so you will be easily seen and attract customers easier.

DOMINATE your niche by leaving a lasting impression creating customer's loyalty for life.

*You only need to contribute for drinks for 10 euro excl. VAT and show your commitment to come.

What People Say & Results Livia Produces

"3 years as entrepreneur, I barely made money. Then in just in few weeks working with Livia, marketing clear & my income more than doubled." -- Josephine de Jongh, entrepreneur & author.

"Livia speaks from the heart, beautiful and authentic character. She helps many people who are in doubt and in the shadow of their own doubt" -- David de Vriesere, Entrepreneur.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Where is the Masterclass event?
 It will be in Amsterdam-Hoofddorp area.
You will get the exact location soon after registering when we still have seat for you.
2. What do I need to bring to the event?
You need to absolutely bring your open heart & positive attitude.
If you are full, you can not accept anything. Just like a glass full of water, if you keep pouring water, it will just be wasted, the glass can not accept more water.
You may need to bring a notebook, a pen and water.
3. Parking spots?
Free and enough parking spot on the venue.
 4. Is this a selling event?
Expect a lot of contents which contain many practical tips and tools you can use and model for your business.
If you want to work further with Livia, that's cool. If you don't continue your education, it's also cool. No hard feeling.
In addition, Livia doesn't accept everyone to be her student/client as she already has a waiting list.
What Livia wants is that you to implement what she will be teaching you in this Master Class because even if you just implement a little fraction of it, your life will not be the same!
5. What's the difference between this Master Class & Master Class Workshop?
The Master Class Workshop will go into more details. Full content and learning in interactive ways. You will also meet and build relationship in those 2 days with like minded people who could be your potential clients or accountability partner.
To reduce your risks, we offer you double lock guarantees. 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied and if you don't at least double your investment in 6 months doing what Livia teaches you. Learn more about the Master Class Workshop by clicking this text.
So nothing to lose!

6. How long is the Master Class?

It will take 4 hours in total.

You Will Get a Part of What I Teach On My 2-Day Weekend Transformation Master Class Workshop For FREE

*Notes:  If you 100% implement what Livia teaches you there, even it's just a fraction, your life will never be the same.

Dream & Why - Livia Liyanto

Discover your truly dream & your WHY, even if you don't have any idea at all what were your dreams.

Marketing & Mindset Block - :ivia Liyanto

Discover your marketing & mindset blocks and know how to solve it.

Marketing Message Livia Liyanto

Clarity about your marketing messaging so you can attract potential customers.

Sales Funnel Plan - Livia Liyanto

Build Sales funnels plan to increase your sales.

press free publicity - Livia Liyanto

Utilize the power of branding & FREE PUBLICITYSo people can find you easier and want to be your customer.

Strong Brand - Livia Liyanto

Strong brand positioning OFFLINE & ONLINE. Local & International.

To be positioned as leader - Livia Liyanto

Facebook marketing strategies primed for growth and to position you as a thought leader. Effective & Marketing Focused.

Website that monetize - Livia Liyanto

Website that montizeable (if you have the right tools, we can build your monetize-able website in just one hour)

Advertise at no cost - Livia Liyanto

The Secret to advertise at NO COST & Attract the Media's to come to you.

And we will build yours during the workshop!

Template and scripts - Livia Liyanto

The templates, tools & scripts Livia uses so you can model it or just fill in the blank: for your pitch, website, flyers and social media. Incl. the list of the media's in The Netherlands.

The Investment of this Master Class Workshop is only 1498,- Euro (Excl. VAT)

*Early Bird Scholarship (498 Euro) still available, few spots left.

*Early Bird scholarship seats will no longer be offered at this Master Class. First comes, first served.

This event is NOT FOR EVERYONE!

This event is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a magic quick fix

  • You mind is closed and can not accept new knowledge and wisdom

  • You don't think you could learn new skills or meet valuable contacts to justify the investment of time and money to attend the event

  • You have already achieved the level of success you desire and do not wish to advance any further

  • You would have no benefits at all from such a meeting

*Understand that this is a-by-application-only event.

There's no guarantee that you will be accepted to this event. If you don't accepted however, you are still welcome to apply for Livia's other events worldwide.

*If you are not sure yet for the 2-Day Master Class Workshop, you may apply for the to the Master Class (value 498 euro) for only 10 euro as a contribution for drinks.

However, by then if you are interested to attend this Master Class Workshop, no Early Bird Scholarship will be offered.